Bebe Taian: Introducing Bebe Taian!

November 1, 2010

Introducing Bebe Taian!

Bebe Taian desu. Hajimemashite.

I'm pleased to introduce Bebe Taian, evolved from NigatsuBebe.

NigatsuBebe is my four-year-running jewellery and accessories adventure, known for charity donations and unique but simple design. The name of the shop started as a joke: a Myspace survey amongst friends asked, "If you had a band named after your birthday and your pet, what would it be?" Honestly, at the time I couldn't think of anything else, so it stuck. The previous venture had been "Maneki Maiko", handmade kitsuke accessories for kimono, but I found a shop called "PuchiMaiko" and decided that they were too similar. That, and I was sincerely awed by Naomi's skill at sewing and procuring silks.

Now, with my year beginning, I begin something I've been turning over in my head for some time: Bebe Taian. At first, I wanted "Bebe-ya", literally "Bebe's Shop", but I think this was already taken by a Japanese company. Then I discovered that 'bebe' was Kyoto slang for 'kimono', which is PERFECT for separating my jewellery from my kimono business. Bebe, of course, can't help but to sit on my kimono when I'm unfolding and inspecting them. 'Taian' is one of the six traditional days of the week on the Japanese old calendar. Taian is the luckiest day of the week- and any day you can wear kimono is a lucky day indeed.

The most subtle, subdued kimono in Japan could cost more than any sparkling thing a celebrity could wear in the U.S. depending on what the materials are, how they were made, and who did the work to make the kimono. Japan is a country where "off the rack" sometimes means that one selects a bolt of plain fabric off of a shelf and has it cut, sewn, and sometimes even dyed to their specifications. To be 'iki', at the height of sophistication, is to be the opposite of gaudy without being homely. It is to be lavish without being too flashy. That is why it is sometimes said that the wealth of a woman can be measured by her kimono!

Many of my kimono items are too new for Etsy, and I'm not getting much exposure there as it is. Besides, how much easier would it be for someone to simply add this blog to their reading lists when they want to see updates?

But don't worry- not every post will be about kimono or kitsuke items for sale! I tend to talk a lot about kimono or Japanese cultural musings in general. I also have quite a few vintage and antique non-kimono pieces for sale. As my photo-taking skill improves, I hope to post many more photos than I normally do as well! I hope you'll enjoy the weekly and bi-weekly updates that I'll keep on top of as best as I can.

Is there anything in particular all of you would like to see here?

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  1. Un.
    I'd love to see some kitsuke pictures of you.
    If possible, I also want to see some posts about Japanese convention or local matsuri around your area, if you attending ones ;). I always eager to see and read some review of experiencing Japanese convention or local matsuri.