Bebe Taian: Project: Kimono Postcards

November 13, 2010

Project: Kimono Postcards

I love kimono and Japanese antiques in general. If I cannot own one, or cannot keep one that I love for some reason, I like taking interesting photos of the kimonos' design. I may frame a series of them, or put them in scrapbooks about dyeing or weaving techniques with other scraps of cloth from damaged and unsellable items. A few members of my family have been interested in wartime-era Japanese items, some of which I now own, and I am sure that the fabric and sewing enthusiasts especially would like to get a glimpse into the works of another culture- even if they don't have the storage space or time to sew any longer. For this reason, I think it only makes sense to begin producing postcards for everyone to enjoy!

Starting January, a collection of these photos will be available in postcard format for anyone to purchase! I can take pre-orders ahead of time. Then, when it comes time to print and ship, you can select which designs or themes you would like to receive. I expect the postcards to run about $4-5 apiece, which is about what mass-made store bought postcards cost. These postcards will be of high-quality heavier cardstock so that they will not bend or tear easily, and I am looking into more eco-friendly recycled options as well.

Some themes I am playing with are:
- Taisho Roman
- Taisho Modern
- Traditional woven patterns (asa no ha, seikai ha, yabane or yagasuri, etc.)
- Modern kimono patterns: flowers, geometrics, etc.
- Seasons

Of course, this may change or I may make different themes as well, depending on my collection at the time. I can't wait to show everyone the detailed work from my personal collection, as well as mail out mementos of kimono long-sold.

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