Bebe Taian: What to wear?

November 23, 2010

What to wear?

I have a decision to make regarding the rabbit obi. I have a dusty pink iromuji for sale that would look good with it, but pink is not really my colour. What to wear? Or more specifically, what to buy?

The obi is Showa-era jinken (rayon), a wool-like rougher weave with metallic threads. I think it is a little darker in person than the photo, like royal blue. The circles are pale teal, pale grey-blue, and red-purple. Both silver and gold embroidery are shown. I am not sure what the other animal on the obi is. Perhaps a jackal or horse? But the horse-like creature appears to have claws, and the legs turn the wrong way. A mythical creature of some kind? I will have to ask.

The question is what kimono to buy to go with it. My mother wanted to give me something in return for taking care of my youngest sister, I think, and she's as into fashion as I am (although she prefers Western fashion, of course!)... but what to get? Obviously, something inexpensive. But royal blue is an unusual colour for me to wear. After consulting with one of my kimono coordination books, purple-red, dark blue, grey, or a certain shade of brown are appropriate. A paler blue or gold may be possible if it matches the embroidery or is of a lighter value than the main obi colour. Of course, false collars of various colours can be sewn into the lining for extra shades to be worn.

Option 1: Gold Kimono w/ Pampass Grass Pattern

- Pros: Pampass grass is perfect for Rabbit in the Moon festival, silk fabric, cheap, flexible in formality

- Cons: Far too short- by about 10". Will not get an ohashori out of it. Still the most expensive.

Option 2: Purple Tsumugi Striped Kimono

- Pros: Red-purple colour, has approx. same weave of fabric as obi, longest and best-fitting of all, cheap. Stripes are very iki! Lighter-weight fabric might mean less heat when wearing in hot weather.

- Cons: Wool, purple may not match obi as well as in the photos, can wear with fewer obi I already have, formality level not as flexible.

Option 3: Sky Blue Iromuji Kimono

- Pros: Sky-blue colour can lighten the dark obi, most flexible formality level, silk, cloud patterns fit with heavenly moon motif

- Cons: Noted to have "overall discolouration" that I can't see in photos; it could be there, it could not. Who knows? Size shorter than purple kimono, but longer than gold. Most expensive of all kimono.

I'm leaning towards gold, but the other two are also good ideas. What to do?

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