Bebe Taian: Meri Kurisumasu!

December 25, 2010

Meri Kurisumasu!

Meri Kuri~

Today it is Christmas, even in Japan. Although a very small percentage of Japanese say they are Christian (.05%, as of 2006), Christmas is still celebrated as a day off and with lots of lights! Although you probably won't see too many trees with presents under them, of course, it is a good time to get small gifts (omiyage) for various people. And of course, New Years' preparations are already underway with many families!

Christmas Eve is also a romantic time of the year for 'single' women who have boyfriends- the night is expected to be gorgeous and special. For women who are not dating, it is probably something not talked about much. However, many places will be open until Dec. 31st, closing for New Years' holidays, so going someplace on Christmas is not such a big deal.

Many families buy Christmas cakes for this day and eat them together. They become very inexpensive if you manage to get one on the 25th! This idea has resulted in an awful expression for single women; when they are unmarried and turn 25, they are "like old Christmas cake", rapidly becoming stale. One should note that the average age of marriage is rising despite this, though, so maybe even though it's a hurtful expression, people are choosing to do what works best for them anyways instead of rushing into an arrangement simply because they feel like they're losing time? I hope so. Considering how seriously marriage, and moreso, a wedding, is taken in Japan, it seems like too much to bother with if the timing and people aren't a good match!

So, for you today, is an old video once part of a Christmas special- the mega-popular stars Kamui Gackt and Hamasaki Ayumi singing 'Silent Night'!

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