Bebe Taian: Shiwasu: First day of 12th Month

December 1, 2010

Shiwasu: First day of 12th Month

Technically, that may not be today.

Japanese calendars today go according to Western Gregorian dates, but traditional dates are still in effect for some who keep track of these things. The lunisolar calendar, based on the Chinese calendar, still holds for traditional dates. In this case, I'm not sure when the first day of the 12th month actually is for them.

But here in America, today is December 1, 2010. The first day of the 12th month. This day is alternately known as 'shiwasu', "priests run". During last month of the year, priests are hurrying from one place to the next to make preparations for celebrations and an influx of those requesting their services at the end of the year.

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