Bebe Taian: This Weekend: Japanese Meetup!

December 17, 2010

This Weekend: Japanese Meetup!

There is a meeting of the local Japanese club coming up this weekend. Until recently, I didn't even know there was one outside of the University crowd! It will be a potluck meetup/swap/sale. I am hoping to sell some of the kimono I have on hand there, as well as meet some new people.

This means I need to get busy with inventory this weekend and start labelling things, and figuring out prices. I need to find my records of what I paid for each item, make piles of koshi himo if possible, and figure out what I can sell them for in-person. Online there is a slight markup because of various fees associated with hosting sites and Paypal, but in person I can avoid these and cut a better deal.

I also need to figure out what I can trade. Of course, I am always looking to have wonderful things in my personal collection, and I am going to buy things I love regardless of what the money came from. If I find something in particular that I would love to wear, I may consider trading for it if it is of equal value. If not, there will always be another gorgeous kimono! I have also decided that future kimono should fit me properly to avoid much aggravation associated with putting them on, which is difficult, since I have gotten so much taller in the past two years. I've gone from 5'3" to 5'6"! 5'3" was reaching to begin with. 5'6" is just out of the question. It's the reason you'll rarely see me wearing ohashori when being photographed in kimono. It's there, it's just really small! I wonder if our tallness is why shigoki obi are so popular here. It isn't just a kabuki-imitation thing, it's to hide the lack of ohashori!

I also recently found out that a friend of mine had purchased a kimono from a local dealer who misidentified the kimono as being antique Taisho. Just by looking at the colour I can tell that it's from the 90s. It's a 70's reproduction tsukesage with synthetic interior, a material that didn't exist in the 20's or even the 30's. ::sigh:: I wonder if it was an honest mistake. I cannot tell how such a mistake could have been made, but there is nothing she can do now. I do have an obi that may match it for her, but I am looking out for a better option so that she can learn to wear it. Currently, she is learning how to put on yukata- always a great place to start!

I can't wait for the day when she discovers a greater joy in wearing kimono and decides to learn to wear more formal outfits. Even if she buys nothing from me, it would be fun to help her scout for things and trade off kimono style books!

NOTE: The obijime you see here is available and for sale. It has never been worn, and is a new item. Only $25 for this obijime, which includes shipping with insurance!

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