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January 15, 2011

For Sale: Taisho Modern Kimono

There was going to be a post today. A very thought-out post, too! I had one planned, all about Taisho-era fashions and background happenings that influenced these fashions.

Here's the thing: it turned into four hours of studying Japanese history throughout the early 1900s, followed by some time reading aloud Japanese military history and politics articles from Wikipedia. :P He's very interested in what was going on in Japan between the 1920's-1950's. So, yes, this is what I do for fun. Absorb myself in studies of international relations, religion and how it played a role in politics, and language, and how all of this played a part in defining fashion and art over the years, for hours on end on my days off. I should be going to college for this- at least then I'd have some credits to show for myself!

Since I've decided that everything I wanted to say was WAY too involved for one post (I'd have to write a book), I have a Taisho Modern kimono for sale and a book recommendation based on what I've heard from IG Forums.

Taisho Modern Komon Kimono (1912-1926), $174.99 + S/H
Silk Blend

From wrist to wrist, approx. 48in/122cm
From shoulder to bottom hem, approx. 57.5in/145cm
Length of sleeves, approx. 24.4in/62cm
Weight of item alone is just under 2lbs (760g)

The komon has a very fun modern design! Deep purple background with modern yellow and red squares with black outlines on pale waves show the progressive ideas behind Taisho Modern fashion. The very bottom of the hem is pale pink. Komon are usually worn with Nagoya obi today, although they were worn with fukuro obi during Taisho era. It is possible to find many maru and fukuro obi made into Nagoya obi from this period, as Nagoya obi themselves were not introduced until the 1940's-1950's.

The kimono does have a few small, light stains that I may be able to remove before shipping. Either way, they are not prominent and the kimono can be easily worn.

You can purchase it through me directly and be invoiced through Paypal, or purchase it through my shoppe at I likely have an obi that will match it well, if requested.

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