Bebe Taian: Iromuji Kimono Arrived + 25CM Formal Tabi FOR SALE!

January 31, 2011

Iromuji Kimono Arrived + 25CM Formal Tabi FOR SALE!

w00t! It finally came in the mail! ... last week. :P

Lately, I've been running two households, not just one. I barely had the strength to run the one that I live in, and now I have to find energy to help family out. It's leaving me with very little energy to update, but I hope not to abandon this! I do want to say again, Thank You SOOO MUCH to everyone who has offered to help with the Onihide Project! Right now, Flickr is extending his account until 2013.

Recently, I got four packages from Japan.

My tan iromuji came in the mail, and it's gorgeous! It's much closer to khaki/tan than yellow, but the fabric is so  soft and supple, I really don't mind. I usually expect some colour variations when buying online anyways, and with kimono, I usually accept that what comes may not be as expected. So far, it's mostly worked out! The iromuji is the same one I was talking about earlier last year when I bought the rabbit obi. <3 The pampas grass patterns match wonderfully!

I can probably also wear it as a monochrome outfit with my khaki and blue maru obi as well, which was part of my wedding ensemble (which is a story in itself). Although, I think now that I've gotten so tall, it may not fit as well as I expected. Hopefully I can sort that out with a tasteful pair of boots and a Taisho-style obi, or at least, a stylish obi musubi. I may need some pale blue accessories, if I don't decide to go the other way and do tan + tan + dark green + deep red.

The second package was pretty good. I can always trust the seller to ship quickly and have it arrive safely. I didn't do good measurements on myself though, so the tabi I ordered were too big! Ack! And they looked so nice. So, I have a pair of brand-new 25CM white formal tabi to sell! They are a little stretchy on the uppers, with four tabs to hold them shut. They are $18 including shipping, which is what I paid for them. Otherwise, the eri-shin were smooth plastic, unlike the kind I had previously purchased. I haven't used either one yet, but I'll see how they work out. I've been working on eliminating plastics from my life as best as I can, so I'm not sure what I'll do with them.

The third package contained a few things that I'd hoped to coordinate with outfits to sell. I think the obi I purchased might be a little dark for the komon I'd planned it to go with. It looked a brighter neon pink shibori in the photo, but indoor lighting can be deceptive! It's actually a darker pink/purple. It's still very pretty though. Maybe it'll work anyways, even if it's with a different outfit. I also got a very cute silk hanhaba obi that I LOVE. Normally, I don't care for hanhaba, since I don't wear yukata very often... but... I just couldn't pass this one up! It feels very Taisho-deco to me, even though it is much newer. I wonder if I could get a nagoya obi like it?

The fourth was the dragon obi. OMG the dragon obi. I was pondering it for awhile because of its' expense and because of a few damages it has. I was worried maybe they would be too obvious, uncleanable, etc., but all in all, I'm very, very happy with this piece. Dragons are not frequently seen on women's kimono items. I am in <3 with dragon-themed items, about as much as I am in <3 with rabbit-themed things and momiji. Rabbits are not very common on adult kimono either, I've found. Easy enough to see them on cute tabi or komono, but not on kimono themselves. Dragons are the same way. It takes a special king of woman to really carry a dragon theme well. I am hoping to be that person. Also, I can wear it next New Years, since 2012 will be the Dragon Year! In the meantime, Feb. 3rd will begin Rabbit Year, which I was born into.

Here's the question:

What kimono should I wear the dragon obi with? Should I go for something dark blue? An iromuji? Look for something with wave patterns? Or something green to match the small details?

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