Bebe Taian: Onihide-san, Rest in Peace

January 16, 2011

Onihide-san, Rest in Peace

I regretfully inform everyone that one of my favourite photo bloggers, Onihide-san, has passed away on Dec. 21st, 2010. According to a note written by someone on his blog, given the tranquil expression, he probably died painlessly. This man knew how to find beauty in anything- even an image of nurses' stethoscopes!

The last photo on his Flickr account was of a darling maiko named Ayano. He took many photos of maiko, geiko, and many of the Flower and Willow women and buildings. He seemed to be on somewhat close terms with some of them. I thought it was strange that he had not updated his account in a few weeks, although since it has been two weeks of holidays, perhaps he had taken some time off? But Onihide would never miss Seijin no Hi, not with so many bright colours to see! He would have wanted to immortalize them all on film. It is a terrible thing to find out why he is absent.

 There is one more thing: if someone does not have information for his account, when his Pro status expires, all but 200 of his 3,000+ photos will be lost. I cannot possibly hope to save them all myself. I am starting with the oldest and working to the newest, saving the full-size photo with title and date taken. I have no way of knowing when the Pro account expires, so there is some urgency to the matter.

It would be lovely if someone had the ability to host all photos on an easily-navigated website showcasing his work. This, of course, would not cost too much and can be paid for with donations. I am hoping to preserve at least titles and Flickr-reported dates, if nothing else. Is there any advice on the matter? I am taking care of pages 170-175 tonight, but I cannot possibly save information from comments and descriptions for everything on my own. I definitely need help!

So, if anyone has ideas on how to undertake such a massive project, please let me know. I would like to preserve Onihide-sans' work as long as possible.

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