Bebe Taian: Etsy News and A Closet of Kimono

February 11, 2011

Etsy News and A Closet of Kimono

I have nearly finished folding all of my kimono.

It's my bad habit: not immediately re-folding kimono when I'm done wearing them. Most of it has to do with my absolute lack of energy in daily life, but the rest is sheer laziness. I'm always doing something besides folding them or ironing them. I really do need to learn how to iron them, though! IG can help, I'm sure. <3 When I get an ironing board...

But anyways, I have an entire closet of kimono now. Some I hope to sell this year- certain kimono are now too small on me, the patterns don't work well with what I have, or were expressly purchased for reselling in the States. I can also trade for other kimono items on some of them, but that is entirely dependent on cost of the kimono and what I already have. For example, I can only do so many trades for tabi and obijime, but sometimes a piece is really worth it- like if I ever find someone with a miko design, or dragons or asanoha, something like this. In the meantime, I'm repacking all of them. Once I pay off current debts, I need to buy some drawer sets for the kimono I have before looking for a kimono hanger to display kimono for photographing. At the moment, I'm using a black curtain rod, which works well, even if it's a little hard to manage.

With everything going on, I'm looking for better ways to store my things. Any suggestions?

Also, Etsy is no longer viable as a sales site. They are having MAJOR ISSUES with following their OWN TOU. -_- There are also gross violations of privacy and member trust in general, so I can't justify using their services any longer. I am looking at setting up more permanently at or on a personal site when I can afford to have one built. In the meantime, I am happy to sell through BebeTaian with Paypal invoices until I get the hang of selling directly with a shopping cart, and in person at shows. <3 If anyone has advice on this as well, I'm more than happy to take it!

Soon I'll be posting more kitsuke and kimono-related items for sale, including rice and silk powder makeup (the real thing, no talc fillers, parabens, or any of that stuff) and obi accessories. ALSO, kimono postcards are coming out June 1st, so be sure to look for them! If you'd like to pre-order any of these things, message me and I can pick up the pace for you.


  1. I am sooo bad with folding kimono too...I hang them up to air them out after wearing, and they usually end up staying there for a week! O.o I am also too scared of ruining some of my kimono with and iron, although a few of them would probably really benefit from it....

    I just finished selling all my "extra" kimono that were too small or I didn't like anymore. I have so much more room now haha! I have all of my kimono stacked up in tatoshi in the bottom part of my closet, with accessories in a long plastic box which hides under my bed. I wish I had the money and space for a kimono tansu though! I remember once seeing this kimono container that basically looked like a gigantic tatoshi made out of fabric which zippered up and was could hold like 20 kimono, but I can't remember the name of it!

  2. I found a gorgeous tansu on CL that some guy was getting rid of for $300 (his girlfriend hated it. Oy.) BUT... I didn't have $300. x.x

    I may have to store all of my less-frequently used kimono under the bed like yours. At least, until I sell what I'm likely not going to wear! I'm also looking to get tatoushi soon. All these kimono, so few accessories and storage options!