Bebe Taian: Fun New Things, and a Wedding

February 20, 2011

Fun New Things, and a Wedding

Fun new things!

Since I am anticipating a sale this weekend, I went ahead and set aside some money for new things. My husband has delightfully surprised me with a vintage chuya obi in colours I adore! I also now have an obiage in a colour that I love with the chuya obi: a pink-purple shade, that I think I will pair with a dark obijime and some shiny obi accessories that I've made just for the occasion. I'm also hoping to have the money for a few odori sensu (mai ougi), but I don't think that will happen right now.

The chuya obi is two-sided; one is the gorgeous blue/turquoise colour you see with dyed maple leaves and shibori patterns (which is just begging for a blue iromuji and white or purple accessories), and the other side is brown with tiny white stripes and dyed flowers. There are some damages and some uneven tailouring, but I hope to fix that! It is a gorgeous piece that I hope to hang on to for a lifetime.

The obiage is just the perfect colour. <3 I have so many kimono that it will look great with.

Really, I'm in love with this specific shade, but it looks so bad on me... it's because my face tends to get red, when the rest of my skin is more gold. This shade of pink/purple tends to make my skin look really yellow, but my face look really flushed. O.o But I love it so much! I think if I wear another colour overall, then accent my clothes with small amounts of this shade, then I can pull it off rather well. 

The geta are not my first choice or even my second, but I think red straps will go well with some of my kimono regardless. At 22.5CM, I think they'll be just small enough to fit fashionably, but not too tightly either.

I'd actually wanted a pair with off-white and mustard hanao, but when I lost on those and the blue hanao pair I'd wanted, red was my third choice. I have a strangely hard time with shoes! The straps always break, but only on the left side. I decided that at this point, I either need some nice-looking but really* cheap shoes, or to get a kind that I can repair the straps on. Geta seem to be the way to go. I haven't been able to keep a pair, and there's no way in hell I'm wearing my Taisho ones until I figure out why they're all breaking! I'm serious! I've been through about four pair in six months! I am hoping these will last a long time.

The last few things are not mine yet, and may never be. Some of them, I will likely sell if I get them. I admire their beauty, and likely, I will photograph them and appreciate them for a short while, but then will want to pass them on... things like this sake set. It would have been lovely to have when I got married. I know that someone here would adore having a sake set like this for their own wedding.

I came to think of this when I contacted a woman who was looking for a seamstress to make her a kimono for her wedding, and I offered her some of the wedding kimono which I already owned. I hope to make her very happy this weekend! Up on offer is a GORGEOUS pink Taisho homoungi, which was actually part of my personal collection, the Tokyo komon, a new tomesode covered in bright cranes, a shiromuku, and a pink iromuji. She doesn't want a traditional wedding, so actually having a shiromuku/uchikake set isn't very important to her. I understand the feeling; with limited incomes these days, if the dress is just for fun, why not get one that you can wear all the time? Or at least, one that will look amazing and which you can hang on your wall later for show?

Myself, I have an ivory shiromuku from the 1970s with kikkou pattern. I originally bought it to layer under a red kakeshita or uchikake, ningyo-style for photoshoot purposes. I still want to do this one day, when my hair grows out long again. Every few years or so, I let it get down to my waist, and then cut it to my shoulders again. I am waiting for this cycle to run before I do more theatrical photos. When I do though, I will once again wear my shiromuku, which I never wore at my wedding- mainly because we didn't really have one. :P I have it matched with a Meiji-era maru obi and some wonderful accessories, and would love the chance to finally wear it. Perhaps for a 5-year anniversary or somesuch. <3 Maybe I will get the sake cups and keep them until then. We talked about maybe doing a cute renewal of vows... although, I don't think we'll ever forget the first ones.

I'll have to think about it. In the meantime, I think I'll go research Japanese wedding customs more in-depth. I know some basics, but when to wear kakeshita and when to wear uchikake is still unclear to me.

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