Bebe Taian: For Sale: Lotus and Butterflies Vintage Dishware

February 8, 2011

For Sale: Lotus and Butterflies Vintage Dishware

I was thinking this week about a kimono I used to own; a beautiful Taisho piece that I sold in the beginning days of my kimono-wearing, before I knew what I had. It was fairly damaged; the lining was torn, the whole outside was covered in small age spots, etc. but... the large asanoha print and the earthy colours were beautiful. I was in love!

Then my friend showed me these- and the colouring of those days came back again, in greens and gold. I wonder if I would have had a room in those colours one day. These dishes remind me of this time. Would you like to keep them in your home?

The dishes are part of a Toscany Japan set that was discontinued over 25 years ago. The butterfly and lotus pattern stands out beautifully on the white china. Today, these pieces are considered to be collector's items.

Lotus Vase and Trinket Box Set - $50

Lotus Vase:
8.5" tall, beautifully patterned with no chips or cracks.

Lotus Trinket Box:
6" wide by 4" long, an inch or so deep. Also no chips or cracks in the dish or the lid.

Ring shown is not included with the set.

Lotus Salad Set: Bowl and 4 Serving Plates - $75

Lotus bowl and four serving plates are included in the set, but the silverware is not. Measurements are forthcoming. However, if the serving plate is the same size as the silverware, each plate is about 12", and the bowl is slightly smaller, probably 10" and approximately 4" deep.

I can provide a set of four new wooden ohachi (chopsticks) pairs to match the plates for a small additional fee.

I can invoice through and accept Paypal (which includes credit cards) for the sets.

Shipping will be determined by weight of items, which will be sent by Priority Mail with insurance. I cannot accept trades for the dishes.

If you are interested in purchasing these or any other Japanese dishware, please e-mail me or leave a comment! <3 I have an entire house full of Japanese vintage and antiques available upon request.

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