Bebe Taian: A Story

February 14, 2011

A Story

Along dream paths / Without waiting / I often go to you. / In the real world, / A single glimpse / I've never even had.

From darkness / On a shadowed path / I make my way; / Let it faintly shine / The moon upon the mountains' edge.

"It's only a dream," / I should say; yet, / In the world of men, / I feel there is reality.

More than my life, / What I most regret is / A dream unfinished / And awakening.

On the eternal Moon, / The Katsura trees / Change their leaves in Autumn- / Is that why you shine so brightly?

On Summer nights, / It's just past sundown, / And dawn is already breaking. / But where amongst the clouds / Does the moon find lodging?

The river wind / Bears a chill; / With the rushing waves / Does Autumn also arise?

Completely swallowed up in desolation, / This Autumn garb / With a river of tears has turned scarlet.

Of this world of ours, / What has become indeed? / Though whispers in the wind / Bring Autumn's satiated feelings.

On his way to leave this world, / A man comes to rest beneath the trees / But he finds no shade / For every Autumn leaf has fallen.

If I knew the way / I'd seek it out / And set forth, too. / With scarlet leaves / Woven into offerings / Autumn has departed.

When I look up at the moon, / Myriad are my grievances- / Though for me alone, / Autumn has not fallen.

All is dark with falling snow, / Yet beneath melts away / My thoughts and life / At such a time as this.

Leg-wearying / Between indigo mountains / Fall white snowflakes... / Robes dyed that hue / Spark such feeling.

The white snow has fallen / Drifted high around the mountain home- / Might even he who lives there / Be buried in melancholy?

In reality, you must do it, I suppose; / But even in my dreams, / Hiding from prying eyes, / To see you do that pains me so.

Feeling- / This thing, most of all, / Is the world of mens' / Unbreakable bond.

One who feels, / You may not be- / Yet to the very depths of my heart, / Do I love.

Not awake, and yet not sleepless through the night... / And with the Dawn comes a scene from Spring. / Ever-falling rain to gaze upon all day.

The colour of this flower / Has already faded away / While in idle thoughts / My life goes by / As I watch the long rains fall.

Our life in this world- / To what shall I compare it? / It is like an echo / Resounding through the mountains / And off into empty sky.

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