Bebe Taian: Bebe Taian opens soon!

March 27, 2011

Bebe Taian opens soon!

Bebe Taian is finally re-opening!

Since I will be moving to a new place this week, I have scheduled the opening of Bebe Taian on Artfire for April 5th. This was completely coincidental, as I didn't do research until after setting up and doing timelines for moving, but April 5th is both Taian, the luckiest day of the week, and Seimyou, the 7th season of the Japanese lunar calendar, meaning "Shining Brightness". How perfect is that? I'm so pleased!

A few of you may remember me as NigatsuBebe from Etsy. I had a store on Etsy for the longest time (since 2006!), but due to their gross neglect of buyer and seller privacy issues and constantly messing up code for things like payment (intentionally) during holiday weeks, I've had enough.

I thought about not reopening online, and instead, doing in-person shows locally. I've kicked around a few ideas, and tried to list items on here, but really, I'd like a proper online store! Zibbet is wonderful, but there isn't enough exposure to them yet. Artfire, however, has a very long community standing and is rated as one of the best seller sites AND one of the most buyer-friendly sites in the handmade community! It's a WIN all around!

Don't worry- I still have things planned, like Taisho-print postcards. The issue has been capital, but I fully intend to carry them in the new shop. I especially want to share my planned print of a Taisho purple ro irotomesode, since it seems summer kimono are so rare! I will also be selling many more handmade kimono accessories, like koshi himo, obi charms, and perhaps, some cute hanao!

I can't wait to show everyone my collection! ::squee::

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