Bebe Taian: Yakuza And Police Truce Over Supplies

March 21, 2011

Yakuza And Police Truce Over Supplies

The yakuza and the Japanese police are declaring truce over supplies being shipped to tsunami/earthquake/nuclear reactor victims by the yakuza. The various factions have shipping many tonnes of supplies- water, tea, diapers, food, to areas mostly in the Tohoku region and also to elsewhere without protection or even iodide for transport through areas exposed to radiation in order to help people. And they don't want anyone saying anything about it.

Of course, this is beneficial for all parties involved, I think. It allows the yakuza to retain their tough exteriors and reputations. It allows the police, who were cracking down on yakuza only a week before the disaster, to maintain their 'face' (extremely important in Japanese society). It also prevents supplies from being denied because of where they came from, so that people do not suffer or feel compelled to reject such gifts from such disreputable sources. After all, when bestowed with a gift, it is obligation to return an equal gift.

"As one member said, “There are no yakuza or katagi (ordinary citizens) or gaijin (foreigners) in Japan right now. We are all Japanese. We all need to help each other.”

I thought it was a touching article regarding the aftermath of the Japanese earthquakes/tsunami/volcanic eruption disaster, reposted from The Daily Beast.

By now, no one should have to be asked to donate even just a little to helping Japan rebuild. There are many more factors to the disaster that I notice haven't even really been covered by English-language news outside of Japan, like the 7.0 aftershock in Nagano the day after the 9.0 in Sendai, or the volcano that went off shortly after in the South. Sendai, of course, was hit the worst. Entire villages washed away, and many elderly people and animals are languishing, unattended, in makeshift shelters or are still trapped in destroyed places out of the way of rescue missions. Even just a little money can help. If I could reach there, you would find me picking up debris in yukata, just like anyone else would. The price of a quad-Venti mocha at Starbuck$ could buy six meals worth of instant noodles, or a bag of rice for a dozen people for a meal. Think about this!


In other news, I am very happy to hear from both my friend in Hokkaido (which had suffered 4-6.0 aftershocks) and a penpal of sorts in Chiba area. They are both doing well. I was holding my breath for a short time because it had been so long between messages. But, I am relieved now.

I've missed posting about several holidays this year. Really, I need to start marking my daily agendas with intended blog posts. I get so caught up with taking care of two houses plus visiting friends who need me or whom I want to see and looking after people that I hardly think about more trivial things like my blogging or jewellery-making these days. Or just plain looking after myself, for that matter. I will work harder.

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