Bebe Taian: For Sale: Beaded Bone Mala Bracelet

April 18, 2011

For Sale: Beaded Bone Mala Bracelet

I've been super-busy in "real life" and online! With BebeTaian opening on ArtFire, and the reopening of NigatsuBebe on ArtFire, plus all the stuff going on in my personal life, it's any wonder I've had time to make something new.

I started making bone jewellery a long time ago, back in my wanna-be Gothic Lolita days- you know, when I was actually young enough to wear those pretty dresses. But, I could never afford things like that, so that vision existed only in sketchbooks and jewellery that I made. The skull rosary chaplets sell relatively well, and even my guy friends love the stretchy version of these bracelets. I have about three in stock at the moment, and I'm holding off on making more until these sell. I also have skull earrings, rosary chaplets, and other such items waiting to be posted, but all of my jewellery is in the car right now. I have yet to unpack from yesterday's show!

In the meantime, I'm organising my current craft stash into a better system. I hope to overhaul the entire apartment. I'm so excited that I now have another set of drawers to hold my kimono items! I needed three drawers alone for tightly-packed juban, haori, michiyuki, and komono like obijime and such. Already, I'm going to need one extra set- for all the obi and random things like the wedding sake sets, handmade kimono cards, etc. I'm so excited!

If someone had told me five years ago that I would one day have a closet of wearable kimono, I would have told them that they are crazy. I had one bucket of kimono then, mostly taken up with a shiromuku, a kakeshita, a furisode I couldn't wear properly, and a pair of miko hakama from Nara. Even those, I had sold because I needed grocery money too badly to hang on to any of them. Now, I have enough to wear, figure out what looks good on me in person, and sell what doesn't. I am very happy.

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