Bebe Taian: Postcard Dates Are Official!

April 10, 2011

Postcard Dates Are Official!

At the end of this month, on April 30, I am sending my photos off to be printed professionally for postcards. w00t!

Some of them will be shibori designs. Some will be Taisho-era kimono. Some will be interesting designs from various kimono and obi (such as my dragon obi). Preorders are being taken already, at only $4 per postcard. These are made of a wonderful heavy stock of beautifully-printed paper! <3

I am hoping that there will also be a series of a few photos I took while in Japan back in 2005, which will become available at the end of May. However, this series depends entirely on the quality of the surviving photos, as I've moved many, many times and did not have the best equipment at the time the photos were taken.

This week, some komono (kimono accessories) have been listed for sale- obiage and obijime, as well as kanzashi, a kimono, and some fabric. I have also been listing piles of stuff for sale at my other shop, NigatsuBebe, which is for jewellery, non-Japanese vintage items, and craft supplies. My goal is to clear out half of my craft cabinet in the next three months, and use the proceeds to build up Bebe Taian. I am not working with beads as often as I used to!

Now, if you'll excuse me, my new kitten is sleeping in the box I was just organising... =^.^=

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