Bebe Taian: Coveted Kimono: Speaking of Cats...

May 25, 2011

Coveted Kimono: Speaking of Cats...

Speaking of cats...

I saw this kimono last week, and... I literally have NO money to spend on anything that isn't food right now. We're talking rice and beans. Beans may be optional. I guess this is a good time to go on that diet, eh? ^_~ But oh, I saw this, and... my heart just broke a little.

This kimono may not be the most decorative or fabulous piece, but how often do you see cats on a kimono? I can't think of too many, unless they were made very recently by someone like Mamechiyo. And I don't think I can hope to own one of her outfits!

Technically, what kind of kimono is this? It isn't komon- the pattern isn't "all over". Not houmongi, either, I don't think. Certainly not iromuji with a pattern on it. So what kind is it considered to be? I'll have to look through the categories to find out. In any case, it's strictly informal without mon (crests)... an obi with temari motifs would work so well here...

This one was for sale from Kyoto.Antiques. I will warn ahead of time that the reviews of their service seem to be hit or miss; either it's excellent, or it's a trainwreck. If you are going to purchase, I recommend getting EMS (tracking and insurance) that way you are covered. EMS from them when I purchased previously arrived within a week or less. However, SAL might never reach you, regardless of seller, and with SAL, you can't prove whether or not Kyoto.Antiques shipped the item or not. Regardless, Ebay has a few protections for buyers, so open a dispute within one month of purchasing from overseas and send a polite letter informing the seller as to why; it can always be closed later without incident. Otherwise, you have no recourse, regardless of who you bought from. SAL has taken up to 3 MONTHS for me! But I digress... Service aside, they somehow manage to come up with some interesting items...

::le sigh::

If I could have a kimono commissioned for me, it would have my cats on it. Deep red-purple, with rolling bamboo screens like the Heien era women used (and that are still used today! <3) tied with red cords, cats rambunctiously playing with temari and each others' tails. It would be epically cute!


  1. It seems to be an iro-tomesode. (aka "colored-tomesode")^^ It is a formal kimono which is worn by married women, but sometimes can be worn by older unmarried ladies, usually by relatives of the couple at weddings. It is slightly less formal than kurotomesode, and can have 3-5 mon, but sometimes can be found without mon. (I myself own a Taisho-era one without mon) In fact, it used to be the practice to cut the sleeves of off furisode during the Meiji-era to convert them to irotomesode (since Meiji-era furisode often had the pattern positioned just on the bottom of the sleeves and hem)

    I love the cat motif! It's so gorgeous....I'd buy it myself if it wasn't so expensive!

  2. I new about the sleeve-cutting of furisode, and I have plenty of irotomesode, but I didn't know that some of them didn't have mon! I always thought that, being more formal, all irotomesode had 1-5 mon. Good to know! Thanks! <3

  3. It seems to be a more modern and casual type, to be sure....but there are plenty of kimono out there that bend the rules or are even two types at once! (for example, komon and houmongi at the same time, irotomesode without mon, etc...)

    This one seems more modern and casual to me, so it probably could be worn out to a nice party or something. As you said, definitely Mamechiyo-esque! :)