Bebe Taian: Dante, the Takehisa Cat

May 24, 2011

Dante, the Takehisa Cat

This is Dante, the Takehisa Cat.

Dante is your ordinary housecat. She's timid, lazy, and is interested in pink jingly balls, food, and anything that looks like it might be food. Also, she guards the refrigerator by sitting on top of it and sleeping there, reminding everyone who owns the food contained within. She likes cheese, fish, and raw chicken. She has three companions here, and a twin who doesn't live with us. All of the cats have terrible reactions to Meow Mix, despite having few or no allergies whatsoever. She prefers Evos or Wellness, which are both mostly meat. But, there is one thing that separates her from other cats...

She has a thing for kimono. Most cats like piles of clothes, especially anything expensive, but I swear, she wants NOTHING to do with them when I have a new batch piled on the bed- she's only ever interested in the box, which is *obviously* made for scratching and sleeping in. But every time I put one on, she HAS to be all over me! Something about being in kimono makes her desperate for attention. She wants to be held and carried all over the house. But I only carry her while in synthetic kimono- she has the habit of doing "kneady paws", the flexing thing cats do with their claws when they're comfy. All over my shoulder while being carried. Tearing my kimono. The synthetic sha and ro ones are easy to fix if they're not torn- a safety pin or fine needle can push the threads back into place, but... actual holes... ahhh, there's not much I can do then. Silly cat. Isn't she strange?

 But why "Takehisa Cat"?

Takehisa Yumeji, a Taisho-era artist who usually depicted women in kimono, posing with cats- especially black cats. Black cats like my little bear-faced Dante.

It is my ambition to one day get a kimono similar to the one in the painting... I've already scouted various obi that I'm opting for. I love that bright turquoise colour! And yellowy-beige is something that I'm liking on my skin lately. It's funny. I used to despise that colour. But now, it looks like an option that's better and better... and the bright pink underlayers! I could always get a bolt of silk and make my own lining to imitate that look. I'm not sure about the pale coral haneri. I'll see if I can get something similar for the sake of accuracy, though. Then I would just need to hit up a good hairdresser, get a few more hairpins, and take some photos over at Ichibans. (Ichiban is a local Japanese restaurant with good decor.) Really, I can't ever pull of her look too well. I just don't have quite the right face.  I wish I could invite my friend in Japan to dress up! She'd be perfect.

Hnnn I think my ambitions outweigh my monetary ability to perform them. :P

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