Bebe Taian: For Sale: Formal Obiage, Vintage Rice Bag, Obijime!

May 27, 2011

For Sale: Formal Obiage, Vintage Rice Bag, Obijime!

Some things for sale this week! I got my camera working well enough, and was lucky to have a very bright day to photograph things! So I pulled out some of my smaller items and have begun listing. Some things have many more photos available than what ArtFire allows in a single listing, but as usual, everyone is free to message me if they want more photos of anything in store. <3

An obijime I loved- and oh, I did love it so much. It came with an orange obiage. I don't have many obiage that aren't pale pink, so I think I'll keep it, but I don't think I'm quite so enamoured with the obijime anymore. I think it's time for this gorgeous piece to go to a new home. It's in very new condition, despite not being the newest thing on the market. I doubt that it was worn very often by previous owners. Although, if requested, maybe I'll sell the obiage too. I think it did have a damage or two, like a small hole here or there, but nothing that would make it unwearable.

This is the obiage that got listed- white silk, clouds of shippo... it's gorgeous. I bought it for a wedding ensemble, and really, having a white obiage was great for wearing kurotomesode!

That being said, it IS a formal piece. I don't think you could wear something so 'flashy' to a tea ceremony, or with a wool kimono or something like this, but for a furisode or tomesode, or for a wedding, I have seen them worn. At some point, I will buy up some Japanese wedding magazines and scan sections of them to give everyone ideas of their own!

For a less-formal kimono, maybe 'plain' silk, or if you're young enough, you might be able to get away with less-intricate shibori. If you've seen the red shibori obiage listed, it has been made flat to better show the detail of the design. I would wear it with quite a bit, if I didn't already have two or three others like it! :P

The last item is a prize, in my opinion. It is an old rice bag, reconstructed from a used cotton piece for the lining, and maru obi fabric for the outside. I love the drawstring cord and tassels, especially since there wasn't any teal in the actual obi fabric- yet it looked so good with that bag!

Although, I think it would not be ideal as a carry-around tote. The threads may not be strong enough to carry the weight of things. Probably, it really is best to just fill it with rice and store it safely on a clean shelf. Alternatively, perhaps storing something like extra washcloths or something light would not be unreasonable.

All in all, it's been a busy week (although, perhaps not for Bebe Taian). I've been thinking up outfits for items that I don't have a "match" to- a rogue obi, or a kimono that doesn't quite have something appropriate to pair it with. I'm also fascinated with a blogger called 'Okinawa Soba' on Facebook and her fascination with turning traditional kimono-wearing into high-fashion couture. Not by cutting it up, of course! Rather, by simply wearing a kosode with modern accessories, over jeans or a dressy top, tying it shut with a leather "obi" or somesuch. I want to try out this style in person myself sometime- maybe for a museum visit? <3 Maybe I should wait until it isn't so hot out...

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