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May 5, 2011

Makeup-related Post

So, I didn't think I would post anything like this, but I was thinking about makeup today. It's a slow day.

Mostly, it's slow because I ate well, slept well, and still woke up too exhausted to get out of bed for long. I went over the week in my head while writing it down for my personal blog, and it occurred to me that in daily life, I tend to come back to makeup and business matters.

See, I love doing makeup when I'm in kimono. I think that with most kimono that I wear, going without seems somehow... unfinished. It's like seeing a maiko without hairpins or something. I feel undone if I'm in silks and no makeup! Yukata is maybe a different story, but even a lipgloss or something would feel more finished to me. Usually, it is an eyeliner, brow powder, foundation (my skin is horribly uneven), and maybe a lipcolour or clear lipgloss. Maybe I'll use an eyeshadow or something, but I have to not overpower the kimono if its' something very high end. I admire the ease that Japanese women seem to have when deciding these things!

But when job-hunting the other day, I went to a few makeup outlets as well. Partially because I am looking for a new foundation, but also partially because I wanted to apply to some places.

Origins was a great store run by friendly staff who knew the products fairly well, and had made sure to ask questions about things like skin type and habits (do I wear anti-aging things made for night during the day. They can damage the skin because of the sun... things like this.) before giving me something to try and go home with. It can take four to six weeks to see real results using any anti-aging or anti-wrinkle product daily, so I may go to another to get a second sample and see how long the sample lasts. If the stuff works, I'm happy to pay for it. But mostly, I was impressed with the customer service.

I also came across a makeup line that I was not familiar with. Normally, I tend to use low-middle end products due to financial constraints, and having to worry about things like gas money and such. I have noticed that the mid-high end stores are very generous with samples, depending on the representative, if you make it clear that you're not going to buy immediately and want to try something new for your skin. I have noticed that people are more helpful sometimes if you explain that you have an allergy or sensitive skin and do patch tests before buying something, the way I have to. The rep for Kiehls gave me plenty of sample packets of various things to try, at least a months' worth of creams and serums, and explanations on how to make them work best, and how to make them last.

I headed to MAC because I have a few of their things already, most things that I've traded with friends for. I liked one of their purple eyeliner pencils especially for smoothness and staying power, and figured it's be a good place to try a foundation. If I could afford it soon, perhaps a new eyeliner. But the most important part for me was to find a foundation that matched my current skin tone, and to test it to see whether or not my skin broke out because of it.

It seemed that the store was bustling... with reps who wanted people to find the stuff they needed and pay. I saw maybe five reps in this small store, two or three customers. One flustered rep eventually asked me if I was looking for something, after around ten minutes of checking products and looking about to catch a rep who didn't seem busy. The rep I met had good colour sense, but poor, hurried technical skills, and didn't know too much about the product. She knew what things were and product names, but not always what was best for various skin types, etc. She also needs to CLEAN HER BRUSHES in between using them on people! Overall, not incredibly impressed. The reps overall seemed disdainful if someone didn't know about their various product lines already, didn't care to answer questions or didn't know the answers, and generally just wanted people to be impressed with the pretty colours and their ultra-professional-looking jobs. I am far from impressed. Very far from it. If I'm going to pay $30 for foundation, I want to know something about it first. And considering my allergies, if I'm going to pay $30 for foundation, I want to try it on first without the hassle. I hope other MAC stores don't operate like this. I'll likely be looking elsewhere.

At the end of the day, I think my new eyeshadows are going to be coming from ShiroCosmetics. She's releasing a HUGE collection of new shades within a week, and I know that her makeup is free of all the ingredients I seem to have problems with.

I have a sample of her EVERYTHING IS BEARS, which is one of my fave colours so far. It has a superfine gold glitter in it, and it's divine when layered with other yellowy-golden shadows or neutrals. I've also used it with some bright teals and purples, which was very fun! Because she operates the shop herself, shipping can take awhile, depending on turnaround time posted. She'll let you know when she ships, and you'll get your stuff quickly. Questions? Ask away. She'll answer as soon as possible. Although the Heart Containers are likely to be discontinued, I still want to get at least one before they're gone. I think Curaga would be an excellent colour to have.

If you are going out in kimono, do you normally use makeup? Do you do it before or after getting dressed? Any particular look you go for? Where do you get your ideas from?

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