Bebe Taian: For Sale: Custom Koshi Himo!

May 22, 2011

For Sale: Custom Koshi Himo!

Custom koshi himo, made by BebeTaian!

I am taking orders for custom-made koshi himo on BebeTaian. I have listed for three sizes, although because they are custom-made, I can always make larger or smaller measurements. Ah, the beauty of handmade accessories! :P

SMALL: 84"/210CM long; waist measurement up to 30"/75CM.

MEDIUM: 114"/285CM long; waist measurement up to 45"/112.5CM.

LARGE: 144"/360CM long; waist measurement up to 60"/150CM.

CUSTOM: Let me know what size you need, and I'll be happy to make something for you! Kimono are difficult enough to find in large sizes. Koshi himo can be impossible! But I can make you whatever you'd like, so let me know how to help!
The beauty of custom himo is not only in knowing that these items were handmade for you, and that they will last a very long time with proper care, but also that you can choose your colours. Do you want to match something to a kimono? Send me a pic and I'll do my best! Have a specific colour in mind? Let me know. I'll work on getting swatches, Hex codes (HTML colour codes for matching), etc. Or I can just send you two matching himo from cottons I already have in stock! Come the hols, I can make you Christmas himo! Easter? How about some bunny himo? I can also special order Japanese-print cotton fabrics, but the price on this can vary.

Really, I think koshi himo are an under-appreciated kimono item. Of course, no one is going to see them, but still- YOU know that they're there! And when standard sizes are just too short (or just annoyingly long), you can always get a pair that were made for you. <3

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