Bebe Taian: A Spectacular Gift!

May 7, 2011

A Spectacular Gift!

Today, I went to see my mother in law. Or, who I like to think of as my real mother that I'd only recently met. :P Like me, she has a great interest in refined things and antiques- arts that should be preserved. I had only mentioned it in passing, I think, because she had asked about BebeTaian and how business is going, but I found a kimono that I fell in love with. A kimono that would be the prize of my collection, and that would be an excellent museum piece once I restored it. However, it was unthinkably expensive to me. Perhaps not a big deal for a museum, which is where I think this piece should be, but not for someone who needs to buy groceries and pay for insurance. Underhandedly, she gave my husband the money for it. Ah! I am being told in no uncertain terms by her to get it and do whatever it takes to get it displayed where it belongs!

If you recall, Fuji Musume was the first ningyo I owned. It was the icon of the style I wanted to have one day. Really, Edo period is my favourite for clothing, but since obviously Edo clothing no longer really exists, Taisho is my favourite for wearing. I love the longer sleeves and the bolder patterns! I especially love woven-patterned kimono, but I also have a taste for yuzen and shibori. But of course, what girl doesn't? The kimono I found is a spectacular yellow kosode with three seasons patterns on it. The boldest are kiri (paulownia) and momiji (maple) but it also appears to have pink strands of fuji (wisteria)! It looks slightly like the kimono sleeve barely shown in under the red shibori kosode. I think if I can find a second kimono like the red one, it would be amazing. But really, only this one is perfect for so many seasons. I already have a black and orange winter obi that would match it perfectly, and could acquire an autumn one as well. But what I really want is an obi, in crimson, black, or something in a kabuki-style.

I think an odori obi would do the best job in a museum, next to this piece. Perhaps acquire a maiougi (a special dancing fan the performers use) and some other accessories for it as well. The kimono needs some repairs, and I will have to pay for new kinran to fix it. The seller did not mention stains, but as it is very old, it likely has many. Maybe the art museum would pay to host the collection for a month or so.

Right now, I am waiting to hear from the seller of the ofurisode. I hope very much that they will make the furisode available to me quickly. I would like to contact the local art director about an exhibit as soon as possible. If I am very, very lucky, I can schedule a summer exhibition for when people are out of school. Probably, however, it will be during the winter, depending on how far ahead an exhibit must be planned. I will have to speak to them about sales through the museum as well, and what that entails. Of course, I would not sell this furisode! Only some of the other pieces in my collection. That way, I could repay the money given to me for this most wonderful art!

Oh, wish me luck!


  1. Hi there~! I just have to say your blog is fabulous and that furisode is just simply gorgeous.

    I hope I'm not a bother either because I also have some kimono I'm looking to get rid of and figured you might be interested.

    Let me know if these catch your eye~!

    Thank you :3

  2. At the moment, I'm not in a position to buy more! :P Are you on Immortal Geisha? They have a forum devoted to private kimono sales and trades.