Bebe Taian: Oy. The Untimeliness!

June 3, 2011

Oy. The Untimeliness!

That's a word, right? "Untimeliness?" Living in this country is affecting my brain.

I had a cute post on cats halfway tonight, continuing the theme from the previous weeks, but my images are on the other computer and there's still a lot of content regarding those images that I need to write up. But as it is, I've done nothing but eat and sleep today. It's... it's been a rough day. But don't worry. I'll bounce back in a few days or so!

I got a great package this weekend. Well, two, actually. One was samples from the new Shiro Cosmetics collection, so now I have a truer red and some golds and pinks. The reds and pinks especially are useful for doing any Japanese-inspired makeup, and they stay for hours even without primer. The other is a couple of brass kanzashi for my private collection. Also, an old black and white photo of an actress. I'm not sure who she is, but I'm in <3 with old photographs. I have a scrapbook specifically devoted to archiving old postcards and photos from Japan. Of course, I have some newer things in there as well, from when I visited back in 2005, but they are very easily distinguished from the others.

Since I can't really do much tonight, I'll probably think up how to do the Natsu Matsuri (Summer Festival) coming up with minimum work involved. It is going to be a HOT day in July, and I will be carrying my weight or more in silks alone, not including tables, tents, etc. I will also need to redesign and print some business cards. It shouldn't be too hard, since I have a banner already. ^_^ And since it's an in-person show, I can bring things that are newer, and not just vintage items!

This week, my husband somehow found the money to buy me some new fabrics to make things for the festival. Items like reusable incense pouches and drawer sachets are indispensable when storing kimono! But most of the time, cheaper ones could have things in them that can stain your fabrics, or you can't refill them when they run out of scent, or you can't change the scent. I intend to design one that avoids all of those problems, PLUS it'll be washable! I'm also going to be making a small assortment of cotton kinchaku (handbags), featuring hand-woven kumihimo cording and sashiko embroidery. There will, if I can afford the start-up capital, datejime and koshi himo pre-made. I found some great small-print cottons in a few colours that I love, so cutting, sewing, and ironing are going to fill my final days before the Festival.

::sigh:: I adore my husband. I really don't know how he does it. And all without complaints. I'm a lucky girl, aren't I?

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