Bebe Taian: Cleaning House

July 24, 2011

Cleaning House

I'm back from Natsu Matsuri!

I was very fortunate yesterday; I managed to scrape up the gas money to get there and back, found a shady spot beneath a tree to set up (right next to the kitsuke instructor and try-on booth! How perfect!), and even sold an obi and a map of Tokyo! The gorgeous Tenga obi I had up for sale on Etsy, long ago, the gold and chocolate-coloured one, was sold. It was a beautiful piece. I was happy to see someone so overjoyed to have it! Someone also brought me yakitori, and I bought some delicious ginger and scallion noodles! <3

The car is still packed from yesterday, though. There is so, so much to unload. I'm a little happy that I didn't bring everything I had intended to. I have to haul what I've got upstairs and make room for it all- refolding items that I couldn't fold yesterday, repacking so that everything fits into their buckets better, etc. I also have a new stash of vintage Japanese dishware that I want to photograph and list.

The only trouble I have now is that ArtFire is changing it's structure. Where sellers once could have free accounts, paying only when an item sold (great for those of us who don't have startup money!), they are changing to a fee-based structure. It isn't much, but I would have to sell $200/month to make the fees worth it. I'm definitely not making $200/month! So, now I have to consider what to do. Which means that I think October is my deadline for doing something about this. I really, really HATE changing venues!

I have such a long list of things to do, and such a small amount of energy to do them with. But I think I can make this work- I mean, if I could pull off Natsu Matsuri despite all those setbacks, I can do this too, right? I will think of something!

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