Bebe Taian: Coveted Kimono: Vintage Summer Style

July 19, 2011

Coveted Kimono: Vintage Summer Style

Taisho Ro Kimono,
I wish this set were mine. <3 I haven't been wearing kimono nearly* as often as I normally do this year. It has been so unusually hot, everywhere in America (and probably elsewhere, too), I just can't go outside! I get overheated in 70F weather, and when it's 85F at night... I'd rather not leave, if I can help it. But that means I have piles of kimono languishing in drawers, waiting to be aired out and worn! Augh!

So what do I do? Fantasize about adding more to the collection. ::facepalm::

This one is a Taisho ro silk piece, in fantastic condition, given it's age. The price shows it, too! But for a piece like this, I think $400 would be WELL worth it! Purple is a delicate colour, and the bold hagi motif is just irresistible!

I especially love the pairing of mustard yellow with such pale blues and soft greens. They play off the purple beautifully. And there's just enough red to make the proposed obi pop with colour!

Vintage ro obi,
The fuji (wisteria) and hagi (Japanese bush clover) motif is a perfect match for that kimono, and the bright reds and blues were so in style during the Taisho era! Even though Nagoya obi were not invented until the 40s, and Taisho ladies would have worn fukuro obi, the style of wearing such an obi would have likely been some variation of musubi that can be replicated with a Nagoya obi.

This one is also made of ro fabric, so it is the same weave as the kimono. How perfect can that get? It's a beautiful late summer set!

Think jade and tortoiseshell hairpins on glossy brown-black hair, coral lipstick, and a cute uchiwa or maybe a folding fan tucked into the obi. Cute natural, unlacquered wooden geta with red velvet hanao. An adorable mustard-yellow collar with red and pale blue embroidery! Maybe a pale silver and sherbet orange obijime with a sweet matching obiage? Or stick with the blues...

Coveted kimono, which will probably be sold long before I can ever hope to afford them. I hope someone buys them both together! What an outfit!

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