Bebe Taian: For Sale: Sushi Plates!

July 29, 2011

For Sale: Sushi Plates!

Vintage sushi plate set: five plates and a serving tray.

These have actually been listed for awhile, but I decided to take new photos since I didn't like how the last ones came out. The old ones were dark and small, and not incredibly clear. I also thought I had only two plates until I discovered three more packed away. I've now retaken photos of them, and I hope that people can see the true beauty of these pieces!

I think the plates are four-season friendly, which is excellent for those of us who don't have room to have different sets of dishes for each season or month. There is something to be said for acute attention to the changing of times, but it isn't doable unless you have a china pantry the size of my kitchen, now is it? A plate set that covers all seasons is probably the most practical choice, and the more beautiful that one set, the better!

This one is adorned in peacocks, gosho guruma (lucky carts), seigaiha (waves), houou (phoenix), maple leaves, plum blossoms, Chinese bellflower, and peonies. It's especially colourful, adorned in blues, greens, reds, and white- perfect for those who want to get away from the Chinese-style "blue and white" patterns so common to what we think of as Asian dishware!

Personally, I especially love the blue/green tones. I think a traditional indigo-dyed noren hanging would amplify the depths of the blues while accentuating the lightness and vibrance of the other colours. Technically, noren are door curtains, but really, they make great wall hangings in a Western home that would otherwise have no place for them. They tend to be relatively cheap, so they can be changed often- and usually, they're good-quality cotton, so they're easily remade into other things like quilts, aprons, handbags, etc. <3

The makers' mark on the back is Tokunaga, I think (but I'm not a native Japanese, so I can't say for sure!), and the other is Su-en possibly.

They were carried from Japan around 30 years ago by my friends' lovely mother, who had a passion for beautiful dishware and decor. I can see exactly why she loved these so much; and how much she must have loved them, to have carefully carried them by hand in luggage through customs and airports, just to get them home!

Here they are, listed at ArtFire. Take a look, won't you? I ship Priority Mail every time, so they arrive very quickly and safely.

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