Bebe Taian: For Sale: Teal Striped Taisho Kimono (1912-1926)

July 17, 2011

For Sale: Teal Striped Taisho Kimono (1912-1926)

Taisho Kimono with Teal, Purple, Black, and Yellow Stripes + Red and Tan Lining

Wrist to wrist, approx. 51in/127.5cm
Shoulder to bottom hem, approx. 58.5in/146.25cm
Length of sleeves, approx. 28.5in/71.25cm
All Seasons
Silk/synthetic blend

There are many stains, some noticeable, some that you have to look for. Some are water stains, which discolour the splotches of  fabric darker than the rest of it. Some are odd white powdery stains, which might be removable. The rest are from either soy sauce, or something that would cause the browning of fabric such as age or perhaps another type of water damage or stain. The worst stains are inside the lining. I have not tried to clean or repair the item, and so do not know how cleaning would affect the fabric. Generally, I would be very careful with something this old. Synthetics then are not like synthetics of now! They were more fragile then.

On the whole, it looks to be in fairly good condition- most of the stains are not so obvious when wearing. However, because it damaged, I have lowered the previous price and grade of kimono from 'Very Good' to 'Average'. Most Taisho kimono are fraught with some damages because of various events- fires, earthquakes, poor storage, normal wear and tear, etc.

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