Bebe Taian: Lots of Japanese Dishware!

July 27, 2011

Lots of Japanese Dishware!

I'm very excited. I have a box of awesome Japanese dishware, the marks of many of which are not in English (so unfortunately, I'm not sure of the maker). They're fairly old. My friends' mother brought them over from Japan long, long ago. I had hoped to have them all photographed already, but I'm an idiot, and ended up in the ICU for the second time this week! x.x As soon as I'm back on my feet, literally, I'll start photographing again!

Amongst the pieces, I have a set of three porcelain cups with paintings of wandering men (I think ronin, perhaps, but I'll have to look at them again), a lotus-shaped bowl with elaborate painting of peacocks, and a cute mini bowl set with lids!

As well, I'll be getting new and better photographs of the dishes that I already have listed, on white background fabric this time instead of the black. I think that while the black shows some of the angles and details of the white ceramics better, and while I may take a few photos of smaller pieces against a non-white background, I am trying to make my standard colours either tan, pale blue, or white.

I also have a pile of obijime to post! There's three or four different ones that I want to list; blue and silver, green and white, silver and pink, and a flat yellow/white one. And a stack of yukata and obi... Although I think the yukata are too new for listing on their own, some of the hanhaba obi are old enough, and if sold as sets, it may qualify. Some premade cotton koshi himo sets are going to be sewn up soon, as well! I've been waiting to put those up, and now that I have my fabrics out and can see how much yardage I have on my biggest pieces, I can make some premade stuff for sale. I did finish one kinchaku bag! I need to get better at making them more quickly.

On top of that, the 1st of August is coming on quickly. Time for a change of flowers and motifs soon! I was happy this year- I saw LOTS of butterflies, dragonflies, and fireworks on people's clothes and accessories this month! I hope that next month will be just as fashionable, and that I'll be able to wear kimono more often soon. I really need to get some ro or ra pieces; I still don't care for going around in yukata... <3

I recall posting the Utagawa ukiyo-e before, but I didn't mention that I have a kimono similar to the one the woman on the right panel is wearing. It's a Taisho-era piece, and may have been a recreation mused from the famous work.

I haven't worn it yet. I want to get the perfect obi for it. I'm not sure about mustard yellow on me. Would red be too much of a match? Japanese sensibilities seem to like contrast... I should check my kitsuke book for acceptable pairings. I should also look for a good pair of shoes to wear with it.

I bought a pair of geta with red velvet straps (which I need to loosen so that I can actually *wear* them!) to wear it with, but it's an awase (lined) kimono. Technically, I think that may call for zori these days, if I'm not going by Edo-era rules. Maybe if I kept to that style, someone would notice what I was imitating?

And this is likely why I don't call myself a kitsuke expert. I don't know nearly enough about modern rules. I've shown myself what to wear by looking at ukiyo-e from Edo period, from studying photos from Meiji and Taisho eras, from seeing people wear them on the streets of Tokyo and from photos of geisha and maiko. People who wore kimono every day as a habit (well, except for maybe the fashionable Tokyo girls). Rules seemed more flexible because they had to live and work in them. It wasn't a ceremonial garment in of itself. Kimono spanned everything, from our equivalent of sweats or t-shirts and jeans to the ultra-formal black tie event dress. It's the reason why I don't take an incredible amount of stock in kimono rules from today, unless going to an event that would require "good" kitsuke. Not too many people still alive would remember the rules of wearing kimono the way I learned how. It's outdated by about 100 years or more. :P But, if going to a modern event, of course I would have to read up on what is expected beforehand...

So, what should I do?

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