Bebe Taian: Natsu Matsuri is tomorrow!

July 22, 2011

Natsu Matsuri is tomorrow!

I'm a little nervous. Natsu Matsuri is tomorrow.

I had so many plans for the event- a very specific view of how the booth would look, feel, flow. How beautifully things would be folded or laid out, hung, protected by clear visquine in case of Florida's famous sudden rains.

And then my health tanked, and a lot of huge financial issues cropped up, and just a lot of generally bad news happened all in the space of a few weeks. Just yesterday we spent the last of the reserve cash that I was going to use to get to the festival was spent after I got out of the ICU. DH is insanely worried that I could have problems doing the festival work tomorrow- you know, hauling huge buckets of silks, setting up the displays that I have (half as many as I wanted to do, and now lacking a tent), working for hours in the heat... it may be too much. But, I am determined. I have to be there! Even if I don't have everything I need (like my cash stash for change). I have to at least show up and meet people, and do what I can for that day. It's better than nothing at all, and missing out entirely.

I have some ideas about alternate displays.

I intended* to have two 5' tables, one square garment rack, and one rectangular garment rack, a mirror, a chair, plus maybe a set of plastic drawers, all under a 10'x10' tent.

What I will ACTUALLY have to work with is one 5' table, the mirror, the three plastic drawers, and the square garment rack.

What can I do? Maybe I can clear off the shoe rack and clean it for various items to be displayed. The mirror can be tied to the table with koshi himo, to keep it standing, or to the garment rack perhaps. The garment rack is self-standing, so it shouldn't be a problem unless we're on uneven ground. My sign can also be adhered to the table if need be. The drawers can be beside the table to provide extra space. I can sit on one of the buckets if I need to. I'll bring a pillow to elevate me a bit. Maybe an umbrella, to help keep the heat off of me.

::sigh:: My main worry now is simply affording the gas money to get there, and having enough stock to really make the sales, since my past weeks' worth of working time was annulled by personal drama. Someone needs to make a 'House' episode about me! :P THEN maybe I could get back to work!

Speaking of. Short time, lots of work. No time to waste!


  1. Oh my, I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling so unwell! I hope you make a good recovery and do well with your sales :)

    Are you also on Deviant Art? If not, it would definitely help generate more sales and interest!

  2. Thanks! <3 I'll be fine soon, I'm sure.

    Deviant Art? I hadn't thought about it. I had an account years and years ago, like a decade ago. I'll have to check it out!