Bebe Taian: Private Collection: Kanzashi

July 29, 2011

Private Collection: Kanzashi

I'm taking a moment to show off my private collection of kanzashi/kushi.

It isn't particularly large, and I'm hesitant to get more at the moment... but one day... maybe I'll add a few special pieces to the lot. At one point, I had very long hair, but when the Gulf Oil Spill became an issue, I cut it to my shoulders and donated it to Matter of Trust, which made hair mats and booms to help soak up the surface stuff.

Of course, this meant that I didn't have nearly enough hair to wear most of this stuff. My hair is ridiculously thin. Even at waist-length, it only made a small bun when piled up. Long enough for an ornamental comb or some decorative bobby pins, but wearing a bira kanzashi (the dangly silver one) in *my* hair? Dream on! Especially for as long as those prongs are...

Didn't stop me from buying one though, did it?

The white plum blossoms are from Atelier Kanawa. The blue were made for me by Naomi of Kimono Asobi (Puchi Maiko fame!). The yellow one is a plastic reproduction of bekko (tortoiseshell), and the silver birabira kanzashi is a reproduction of a higher-end type worn by geisha. This one, I think, is made for odori. The others are Taisho-era brass, alloy, wood, and shell works. I am considering selling the alloy kougai (just above the kougai made with shell and wood). The last one is a faux-tortoiseshell comb that I picked up in a vintage shop. Probably, I paid far too much for it, but it was such an interesting shape that I didn't want to pass it up!

Ah, I lied. There are a few more kanzashi I want. I want to add some brass bira kanzashi, some more kushi, and especially some Meiji-era bekko pieces. But THOSE will cost a fortune, and I don't have disposable income for hair combs right now! So, they will have to wait. <3

Want your own? I have a lot of some vintage kanzashi here. Some are traditional Japanese, some are fashion accessories that likely originated in the West.

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