Bebe Taian: Taisho Stripes!

July 8, 2011

Taisho Stripes!

I love Taisho kimono! I'm normally a sucker for lavish patterns, but I'm finding myself attracted to the simple beauty of stripes lately.

If you are just getting into kimono, I suggest striped ones. The reason for this is that even though many kimono are beautiful (and it's possible to find three- or four-season kimono), stripes are the most versatile, chic patterns you can find, and they go with any pattern of obi! They are seasonless, timeless. And what is both more simple and more bold than a striped Taisho kimono?

I have two of these beauties going up for sale this week, as soon as it stops raining. The teal and purple one is already up for sale, but I need to get better, lighter photos of the stains described in the advertisement.

The other is bright red and pink! I love it, but it's the wrong colour for my skintone. I especially loved wearing my bright red plum blossom fukuro obi with it, since the gold embroidery really set off the buttery yellow tones, but I think it's time that it finds a home with someone who can really make it work! <3

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