Bebe Taian: For Sale: NigatsuBebe Jewellery + Accessories, Pt. 2!

August 28, 2011

For Sale: NigatsuBebe Jewellery + Accessories, Pt. 2!

Just to recap from the last post:

I'm having a blog sale! I have SO MUCH STUFF to close out from my former ArtFire and Etsy accounts that don't belong on BebeTaians' sites. If you're interested in any of these items, message me and let me know which items you want, and I can invoice you through Paypal. Max. shipping on most items is $6, Priority Mail. This means I will fit all I can comfortably wrap in a Priority Mail box that reaches anywhere in the US within three business days. I can ship regular mail too; it's cheaper, but it takes 5-10 business days on average. Of course, I'm happy to ship overseas, too! Just ask about shipping rates, and I'll check prohibitions in your country. Some places have some strange rules regarding jewellery materials, so I like to be sure!

BTW- normally, these are priced higher online and in person at shows. I'm wanting to get them off my hands to pursue new avenues; namely, kimono stuff for resale locally. And groceries. Those are very important lately. :P

Agate + Hematite Earrings, $15 + SH
Gold/orange/white agate just glows! Each stone has a slightly different swirl of colour, but I've matched them as well as possible for these gorgeous earrings. Fall is coming, and these are the perfect thing for that gorgeous black dress at Halloween!

There are two of these sets: one more yellow, and one more white-tinged. Please indicate which you'd like, or I'll ship the yellow ones shown here by defailt.

Finishing beads are non-magnetic hematite.

Magnetic Hematite Bracelet, $18 + SH

Magnetic hematite bracelet is XS for very petite wrists, but a larger one can be made! Bracelet is approx. 6", and has a sturdy zinc alloy clasp.

Aside from being merely pretty, various stones are thought to have special power from the earth. Magnetic hematite is thought to provide relief from aches and pains by increasing the circulation of blood, thus helping to transport more oxygen throughout the body. Hematite itself is known as a stone for strength and endurance!

Again, this is only a small sampling of the jewellery I have for sale. I do wholesale bulk lots of assorted jewellery, if anyone is interested. I'd be happy to e-mail photos of what I have on hand; you pick what you'd like and I'll give you a wholesale price for the lot. Minimum order is $100 on bulk wholesale orders.

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