Bebe Taian: It's August Already? Oy...

August 4, 2011

It's August Already? Oy...

I posted on August 1st and somehow missed the fact that it was August 1st. Shows you exactly how preoccupied I've been lately. Oy. Why is time going so fast? Why do I feel like I don't do nearly enough with it? The name for August traditionally is Hazuki (Month of Leaves), or Haochizuki (Month of Falling Leaves).

Maiko Fumino, by Onihide
This months' kanzashi include morning glories (asagao), which are extremely popular on yukata, and susuki- silver grass. It is a very stylized kanzashi that is sometimes painted pink on the underside of the 'spines', to make the top silver part reflect those pale hints of colour. This is usually said to be pampass grass, but actually, they are two different plants.

Kimono motifs this month include summer grasses, bush clover, uchiwa (round fans), various animals such as deer and rabbits, children playing, thistles, fireflies, kingyo (goldfish), and fireworks.

Fortunately, it is still ro weather. Gauzy, open-weave silks are in fashion for a little while longer. Really, the way it is in the States right now, it should be ro weather all year long! o.O I can't wait for it to get cold again. I want to see deep purples, white, dark blues, golds, silvers, and brilliant reds. I want to walk outside, turn around, walk back inside, and walk out again with a jacket of some kind. I don't particularly care for snow (or rather, I like snow; I just dislike driving in it), but cold? Bring it on! As such, we have to wait... at least right now, the fashion is to dress in cool clothing. Even yukata are hot to wear right now!

Kagiri aran
Naka wa hakanaku
Tsuyukeki hagi no   
Ude wo danitohe

          There comes an end
          To us- how brief
          It seems;
          Dew-drenched, this bush clover:
          If only you would ask it!

Izumi Shikibu

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