Bebe Taian: ::le sigh:: Selling Kanzashi.

August 7, 2011

::le sigh:: Selling Kanzashi.

I finally caved and put some of my beloved kanzashi up for sale. At a loss, even. But it was necessary- I have bills to pay, and there isn't enough money coming in for both rent and food. So, in the hopes of better days, I put my bira kanzashi and the Taisho kogai up for sale. Both end in only a few hours now. I'll be a little sad to see them go, but I hope that one day, I'll be able to afford to support us both for the basics and also one day afford some Taisho bira kanzashi, the brass and silver/aluminium kind!

I started the bira kanzashi at $15, since I paid $30 for it. I'm hoping it'll get a bit higher than that, but who knows what people can pay these days. I feared going much higher on it for a starting bid simply because I've put up so many kimono things that go nowhere. I was hoping that the yukata sets would be more popular, since Halloween is coming up! But maybe not yet- not until September... then things will pick up, I'm sure of it!

The Taisho kogai is also for sale, starting at only $10. It's fairly damaged, but still functional. It might have been nice to do a Hone Onna thing for Halloween, but in reality, I never do anything that night... :P Probably, it's a bit  more valuable. Ah well. Shoganai, ne?

I might think about listing others in the future. Much of my jewellery is likely going with it, as are some of my kimono accessories. If you have a few moments, you may want to check out my Ebay page!

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