Bebe Taian: Private Collection: Taisho Tachibana Kimono

September 5, 2011

Private Collection: Taisho Tachibana Kimono

I have a side job at Ichiban Restaurant now. I have never worked in a restaurant before, and my health is not the best, so it is perhaps harder work for me to get used to. Even so, I want to work hard, and learn how to do things better so that my coworkers will have less burden. They are looking out for me, but really, I need to learn how to look out for myself and be the best so that I can help them.

We do not wear kimono anymore. It is too hot lately to work in them. Much cooler and faster to work in shirts and pants.

I haven't worn kimono since around Natsu Matsuri. Recently, I wore my purple yukata with a red obi, and my blue asanoha kimono with a gold obi. Maybe I am a little paranoid. I worry that if my heart has another problem, maybe the paramedics won't be able to easily get me out of kimono- or worse, they would cut the kimono to get it off! I would cry if I lost a Taisho piece to THAT. Clearly, I've recovered from past incidents of heart issues. I'm tougher than I let on! My kimono will not recover.

This is one of my Taisho pieces that I love. Three seasons of beauty! I love the tachibana detail, hidden when worn. I have two or three obi to wear with this, including a mint green momiji fukuro, a bold red ume fukuro, and a silver wave fukuro obi that matches the hemline. I'm not sure which one I like wearing with this kimono best, but it means that I have something for three seasons to specify which season it's being worn in! It is the same red ume fukuro obi that I wear in my photo of the purple Taisho kimono, so I feel comfortable wearing this obi with more than one outfit. For me, this is great- I have obi with no kimono to wear them with yet!

I seem to have an issue with overheating lately, even in cool air-conditioned places. Ice showers are keeping things in check for now, but it means wearing kimono less. I may end up getting a few more yukata to wear around the house, or simply taking the yukata I already have for sale and seeing what fits. ^_^

So, no kimono for right now. When I'm back to full capabilities, I hope to continue updating this blog with monthly info on motifs, new collection photos, folklore, and lots of great stuff!

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