Bebe Taian: Revisiting Old Photographs

September 20, 2011

Revisiting Old Photographs

I'm revisiting old photographs. Ones I'd forgotten, some I don't care for. I've never been very photogenic... This one was taken by my mother in law last year (I think) at our birthday lunch. I wore the purple Taisho and juban kimono that my husband bought me for Christmas. There are a few variations on this outfit, including a red plum blossom obi combo. The issue with getting my collars to stay is ongoing, although I've found that korin belts do wonders!

And others, others are some from private collections. It reminds me of how much I need a scanner! I have a collection of postcards from my paternal grandfather, who brought sets of them back from Japan during his stay in Okinawa (a military guy, of course). Some are ones I've purchased more recently, within the past two years.

Despite my financial setbacks recently, I've decided to stop buying sushi here and there while working (I get it at a discount, since I work there), and put in for a few postcards to add to the collection. I am also going to ramp up my efforts to make more sales, although, that mostly has to do with paying the bills. I've spent most of my waking hours working recently; I think a little retail therapy is in order.

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