Bebe Taian: Private Collection: Mint Green Awase Kimono

October 22, 2011

Private Collection: Mint Green Awase Kimono

I finally wore my mint green kimono today! It's so gorgeous, but unfortunately, it was one of those purchases that turned out with more damages than described. Even so, it's incredibly* soft and comfortable to wear in the house with our sudden burst of chilly weather. It's wonderful! I'm sick of going outside and dissolving into sweat. x.x And now I can go outside without doing that- while in kimono!

Actually, it's less yellow-green than in this photo. The real colour is more like mint chocolate chip ice cream, with slight hints of bright orange lining at the sleeves and the hem. Inside, the lining is white, dip-dyed orange at the edges. The pattern is waves, pale blue seigaiha, chrysanthemums, and camellias.

Since I'm just wearing it in the house right now, I didn't bother with an obi or a proper juban. Too much to refold and pack up tonight. However, I do rather enjoy the pastel orange and white juban I have with a white haneri featuring a woven chrysanthemum and ichimatsu pattern, and the silver metallic fukuro obi with waves and ichimatsu. It's a solid colour obi, entirely silver, so it's very versatile! I picked it up in Japan when I was visiting Hokkaido during a summer festival. I only wish I'd brought more money on that day!

This is one of many private collection kimono that I've considered selling. As incredibly soft as it is, I don't think it does as much for my skin tone as I thought it would, mostly because it's less yellow-toned than I had anticipated. Because of the staining, it might be most useful as fabric, although it could perhaps be worn to occasions where you'd expect to get something on it. I do love the longer-than-usual sleeves, though! And the upper part isn't so bad; maybe it would be nice with a bright hakama.

On a side note, today was apparently supposed to be the Rapture Day, according to some crazy Christian sect. For those of you not following Fundie Christian culture, it's some really bad gematria-inspired interpretation of the *English* Bible with a handful of lines taken largely out of context by a guy who's run a radio station for forever and a day. Followers preach a message of general hatred and elitism before warning True Believers (TM) that they'll be saved on this day... by way of flying up to the heavens to be with God while demons run loose on earth to prey on those left behind. I have to say, it's a really nice day for some demons to come up. They might get to enjoy the relative air conditioning for once. Although, if they're used to brimstone and undying flames, they might want to bring sweaters. 68F must be like Arctic wind to them, poor things. Maybe they'll stop by and buy some haori from me? Silks are awfully warm and soft...

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  1. Hi Bebe, I have a question for you regarding buying yukata.

    Sorry for posting here, I would have emailed you but I can't seem to find an address.

    Feel free to email me at kat_van_gent(at)hotmail(dot)com