Bebe Taian: SOLD: White Silk Obiage!

October 3, 2011

SOLD: White Silk Obiage!

Last Saturday, I was lucky to have made a sale, despite not being able to attend the Clearwater Japanese Festival. <3 Very lucky, indeed! Tonight, I've arrived home after a long day of work, and I am inspecting it again before shipping it in the morning. I hope it has found a great home!

Obiage are so delicate and versatile. More often than not, in winter, you can find me wearing a 'flat' obiage or an ironed-out shibori obiage as a scarf. Sometimes you'll see one peeking out from underneath a headscarf. I tend to wear them in winter, since personally, I love the cold... but my jaw injuries do not. Obiage help keep me warm and look great, even when I'm not wearing kimono.

Some kimono fashionistas sew smoother ones to eri to decorate their collars! In Taisho era (and perhaps before that), collars were just as bold and patterned as the rest of their clothing! And wearing more than one obiage at a time, tied into an interesting way, can be one way to add visual interest to your kimono outfit.

Really, there are so many possibilities! It is why I am always excited when someone tries out an obiage. So, sayonara, obiage!

Also, two days ago, I received a pile of "new" maiko and geiko postcards! I already have them archived, but I'll take them out again soon and post some photos. Would anyone like to help me place the dates or identify who is in them?

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