Bebe Taian: Artfire Announcement

November 17, 2011

Artfire Announcement

Hi everyone!

I had so many items listed on Artfire- cool things, like the Satsuma and Kutani dishes, piles of silks and fabric remnants, so much awesome stuff... but the sales are lacking too sorely to pay the monthly fees, something like $12/month. That means if I sell one kimono, the entirety of the payment goes towards fees and maybe three or four months of simply hosting the items! One of the reasons I joined Artfire was their explicit promise that they would never charge Basic seller accounts monthly fees or listing fees; instead, we would pay a percentage of the final sale value of each item when it sold. This has obviously changed.

I will be hosting on Zibbet as soon as I work out the kinks in listings. I also hope to have a website built soon as a permanent home to shop through, similar to the one I built for Perthro's Pagan Supplies. The cart system is not as streamlined as I'd hope it to be, but I can accept Paypal through that site and adjust shipping rates before refunding accordingly.

Of course, the Bebe Taian website is still being planned out. I want to make it more than just a sales site. I want to fill it with useful information, fashion examples, all kinds of stuff! And of course, I'll link it back to here... or perhaps import my blog to there as well. ^_^ I'm still deciding. It's on my list of things to do with the New Year! Please be patient. I'll be back up and running soon!

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