Bebe Taian: SOLD: Pink Wool Hitoe Komon

November 8, 2011

SOLD: Pink Wool Hitoe Komon

UPDATE: Sold on 2/12/12

Yellow walls are not kind to photographs. Especially not photos of kimono. Although, this one came out better than most others...
Up for sale is a pink/black woven wool kimono. It is unlined (hitoe), except for plain white cotton lining on the collar and the upper body. It is a very sturdy fabric. Even though wool is rough and stiff, because kimono are worn over juban, little if any of the fabric should directly touch your skin!

Komon like these are the informal jeans and t-shirt of traditional Japan. A simple kimono like this can be dressed down with a super-casual hanhaba obi, or dressed up with a pretty Nagoya obi! With the right accessories, the same kimono can look radically different from one day to the next.

This one came from my private collection, but I've since decided that I favoured asa fabric (hemp fabric) over wool. And in Florida, I don't need anything to make me warmer than I am! Even though it is unlined, wool can be oppressive. I prefer thin, gauzy silks if I'm going to wear hitoe! But it would be perfect for someone who lives further north- all the warmth without the weight, great for those days that can't make up their minds as to whether they're going to be hot or cold. Wear it with a padded juban, or with another layer of kimono on colder days. The fibers are actually pink and black woven together, so you get horizontal thin streaks of black all throughout the piece. Play it up with a black and metallic obi!

Age is most likely Heisei, although without patterns or distinctions, it may be as old as Showa.

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