Bebe Taian: Private Collection: Asa no Ha Komon

November 11, 2011

Private Collection: Asa no Ha Komon

Fittingly, this asa no ha (stylized hemp leaf pattern) hitoe komon is made from hemp. It's ultra-durable, and about as soft as thickly-woven cotton, if not smoother. It's *wonderful* fabric! In fact, I may attempt to collect many more made of hemp for precisely this reason. It's like the best cross between denim and linen that could possibly exist. It's awesome. <3

Actually, this would be something I'd wear today. Even though it is now awase season, and the weather is certainly much cooler today (down to 50F at night! YAY!), it's thick enough to where the layers underneath keep  me plenty warm. You can't see through it, so maybe no one will notice the lack of lining.

It might be one of the last few days this year that I can wear something like this. The rest of the year, maybe it's all silks or synthetics.

My only issue now is getting a workable obi. I had one that I wore with it previously, but I really didn't care for the combination. I don't have anything that really fits this right now. Perhaps I should look into a hakata obi- but in what colours? Red and white, maybe?

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