Bebe Taian: December 2011

December 29, 2011

Christmas Shopping Spree

Christmas was incredibly busy this year. I barely slept for a week! Now that all the festivities are over, and I'm cleaning up the place and recovering, I can get back to business as usual. But first, I went on a small shopping spree!

Okay, for me, it isn't small. It was almost funded by my mother and uncle. Seriously, I think I've finally found a gift card that I LIKE. Amazon cards are the way to go, guys. :P I can blow $200 on books without even blinking. And I will devour them all.

I don't like Kindles or Nooks because they are electronic- nice and all, and some stuff is cheaper on them, but 1) I don't buy the eco-friendly thing as compared to harvesting trees when I know where the metals come from and what they cost (think child slavery, rape, and strip-mining in Africa, Afghanistan, and other countries) and 2) they're ELECTRONIC. Which means if the power goes out, or the batteries run down (more metals and chemicals being produced), it won't work. A book, I can just take outside. It will be readable anywhere there is light. I can take it anywhere. TSA will never stop me for a stack of paper (I hope), but they apparently don't know how to handle laptops and Kindles. Books are far superior!

Aside from the stuff I've been meaning to get on and off (for, I don't know, ten years or so), I racked up on Japanese culture books. It's a good thing my husband reminded me, because strangely, I'd forgone those (again) in search of a bunch of YA books that I loved long ago. My youngest sister tends to read my books, even the beginners' stuff on physics, economy, and chemistry, so I tend to think of her when I buy things that are on my back-burner list. So I've put more of those on a list of "One day..." books, and picked up a list of Japanese-themed books! All descriptions are the short summaries from Amazon, since I haven't received any of them yet. Which means... book reviews impending! <3 Here's the list, but oh, there are SO MANY more that I want...

December 11, 2011

Taisho style, Heisei kimono.

DH bought me some new kimono things, despite recent troubles. <3 Christmas kimono = awesome. I'm very, very happy. This one was a little hard to dress in. Actually, it fits very, very well, I think. The obi is the hardest to tie without a biyosugata. I can't quite get the sparrow wings to fold the way I want them to. I will have to practice!

I wanted to get the wide-obi, bright Taisho look... Taisho Chic has a cover featuring a modan-gyaru (Modern Girl) in a red kimono with a blue and gold obi with a cloud motif. I don't think clouds will work with anything I own, but this pattern will. I think I still tied the obi a little too widely for my body shape. Maybe I'll tie the obiage differently next time, too. Less showing, I think. I did like the handbag and dress combination overall. And next time, I'll bother with doing my hair. I actually can't do much with it because my hair is so thin and flat, but maybe I'll try something like country girl braids, or big, loose curls at the sides in a more modern take on the outfit. Everything I'm wearing I think is from Heisei-era, post 1989. Overall though, not bad for not having worn anything but yukata in a few months!

But ack. My shoulders are always so broad in these photos. How do Japanese women make it look like they are so narrow? I know Japanese women HAVE shoulders. There's no speculation to the fact (like in the early 1900's, when some people thought Americans had tails, thus why women wore bustles). How do they do it? Complete mystery... one day, I'll discover the ancient Japanese secret of shoulder-hiding. :P Wish me luck!

December 5, 2011

Eeek! Gomennasai!

Ack! I'm so sorry!

I thought I had updated a week ago, but it turned out that I'd saved the post as a draft instead!

What I had intended to say at the time was that I am taking a slight hiatus to finish reading some books on Japanese culture, with intent to review and share some pertinent information with everyone!

My New Years' Resolution has already been decided: to start scheduling informative posts, as I had tried to keep up with previously. If I feel I can't sit down and write it that day, I can write it ahead of time and post it on the appropriate day. Since my goal is to learn new things as I write, it'll be an adventure of education for me as well! I think that is what keeps me so interested. I want to learn everything. Awesomely, I have a super-cool younger sister who is just as interested, without the typical pre-teen "OMG EVERY ANIME CHARACTER IS SOOOO HOT!" thing going on. She really just wants to learn about etiquette, see anime museums and learn how stuff is made, and geek out about Roppongi and geisha. I figure we'll get to more 'adult' matters later. Like when my mom won't kill me for it. >D Besides, lots of cool intelligent-kid-friendly stuff to learn!

So, here's what's on the schedule:

- Reviews of some books I've acquired recently
- Posts on national holidays
- Adherence to the 'traditional' calendar where possible, except for holidays adopted after Western calendars became widely used
- Etiquette posts every week
- Psychology-related cultural posts every 1-2 weeks
- Monthly motifs, colours, and other fun seasonal stuff

I will try harder this year to improve my habits regarding posts. Also, I've seen a cool kimono challenge going around on other kimono blogs (something I want to add a section for on my blog! Redesign coming up... ^_~) Also, I have already begun building a new website for my kimono and other items for sale! It isn't quite* what I want yet, but I'm working on it!