Bebe Taian: Eeek! Gomennasai!

December 5, 2011

Eeek! Gomennasai!

Ack! I'm so sorry!

I thought I had updated a week ago, but it turned out that I'd saved the post as a draft instead!

What I had intended to say at the time was that I am taking a slight hiatus to finish reading some books on Japanese culture, with intent to review and share some pertinent information with everyone!

My New Years' Resolution has already been decided: to start scheduling informative posts, as I had tried to keep up with previously. If I feel I can't sit down and write it that day, I can write it ahead of time and post it on the appropriate day. Since my goal is to learn new things as I write, it'll be an adventure of education for me as well! I think that is what keeps me so interested. I want to learn everything. Awesomely, I have a super-cool younger sister who is just as interested, without the typical pre-teen "OMG EVERY ANIME CHARACTER IS SOOOO HOT!" thing going on. She really just wants to learn about etiquette, see anime museums and learn how stuff is made, and geek out about Roppongi and geisha. I figure we'll get to more 'adult' matters later. Like when my mom won't kill me for it. >D Besides, lots of cool intelligent-kid-friendly stuff to learn!

So, here's what's on the schedule:

- Reviews of some books I've acquired recently
- Posts on national holidays
- Adherence to the 'traditional' calendar where possible, except for holidays adopted after Western calendars became widely used
- Etiquette posts every week
- Psychology-related cultural posts every 1-2 weeks
- Monthly motifs, colours, and other fun seasonal stuff

I will try harder this year to improve my habits regarding posts. Also, I've seen a cool kimono challenge going around on other kimono blogs (something I want to add a section for on my blog! Redesign coming up... ^_~) Also, I have already begun building a new website for my kimono and other items for sale! It isn't quite* what I want yet, but I'm working on it!


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