Bebe Taian: Taisho style, Heisei kimono.

December 11, 2011

Taisho style, Heisei kimono.

DH bought me some new kimono things, despite recent troubles. <3 Christmas kimono = awesome. I'm very, very happy. This one was a little hard to dress in. Actually, it fits very, very well, I think. The obi is the hardest to tie without a biyosugata. I can't quite get the sparrow wings to fold the way I want them to. I will have to practice!

I wanted to get the wide-obi, bright Taisho look... Taisho Chic has a cover featuring a modan-gyaru (Modern Girl) in a red kimono with a blue and gold obi with a cloud motif. I don't think clouds will work with anything I own, but this pattern will. I think I still tied the obi a little too widely for my body shape. Maybe I'll tie the obiage differently next time, too. Less showing, I think. I did like the handbag and dress combination overall. And next time, I'll bother with doing my hair. I actually can't do much with it because my hair is so thin and flat, but maybe I'll try something like country girl braids, or big, loose curls at the sides in a more modern take on the outfit. Everything I'm wearing I think is from Heisei-era, post 1989. Overall though, not bad for not having worn anything but yukata in a few months!

But ack. My shoulders are always so broad in these photos. How do Japanese women make it look like they are so narrow? I know Japanese women HAVE shoulders. There's no speculation to the fact (like in the early 1900's, when some people thought Americans had tails, thus why women wore bustles). How do they do it? Complete mystery... one day, I'll discover the ancient Japanese secret of shoulder-hiding. :P Wish me luck!


  1. I really like this outfit. I've always wanted a true red iromuji (and not vermillion lol!), so I am very jealous. About the hairstyling...have you considered wearing a wig? I've never been able to get that "taisho chic" look with a curling iron or straight I've taken to wearing bob-cut wigs for a sleek look or for extreme curl-age! It's surprising what a $20 wig can do to change your, it's fun to experiment ;)

  2. I saw! >D Your mom must've freaked. At least, until she realised it wasn't real. I've thought about getting one in a brown-black that doesn't look too fake, since my hair doesn't take dye well... there's a few styles I like from Nakahara or Takehisa paintings that I'd like to try. No way I can get away with old-style nihongami!

    Don't worry- you'll find a red kimono one day A perfect red.

  3. I love the ensemble! ^w^
    So vibrant and vivid. Red indeed was a bold colour. I also hope I will find a solid red kimono. My collection are black and pink mainly.