Bebe Taian: Mannered Mondays: Introduction

January 2, 2012

Mannered Mondays: Introduction

I'm working on making a commitment to writing a column every week called 'Mannered Mondays'. Every Monday, I post something about Japanese etiquette or psychology. Actually, not every post will necessarily be on etiquette in the sense of "this is how you hold your chopsticks", "this is where you put your shoes"; it will also be defined in the sense of social etiquette: "this is how you say 'good morning' to this person vs. that person", "this is what 'amae' means in Japanese culture".

I will also be compiling a list of resources that this information was taken from. Each post will be listed here in a series of edits as new posts are made. Many of these posts will be from books such as "Keys to the Japanese Heart + Soul", and "Etiquette - Guide to Japan" (2008 ed.; mine is 2001 ed.), which may not be easily accessible to all readers. "Keys to the Japanese Heart + Soul" was originally published in the series "Japan: An Illustrated Encyclopedia", and was later condensed into a bilingual book regarding only cultural phrases and sentiments later on by Kodansha Bilingual Books. Kodansha is a major publisher in Japan, especially of educational materials. Other sources include vintage books such as "Japanese Manners + Ethics in Business" (1981), "A Pocket Guide to Japanese Language + Culture" (published sometime in the 1960s, still very useful considering the upbringings of the aging population of Japan), and many others in my collection. As you can imagine, I still have many, many more books on culture in my Wish List. Because these books are luxuries to me, I feel it is important to provide any knowledge gleaned from them for free so that someone else may have the same fortuitous benefits that I do. It is only right to share what I can.

Posts on this subject will be in no particular order. Anything that seems interesting or important to me that week will likely take precedence. I cannot say that I will be 100% correct on every post, but I will do my best to provide good research on each subject. Needless to say, comments and corrections are welcome! If there is any particular subject you'd like me to cover, let me know and I'll be happy to look it up, read all about it, condense the info, and write a post on it.

Next week, the first official post: The Vertical Society

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