Bebe Taian: Seijin no Hi: Coming of Age Day

January 9, 2012

Seijin no Hi: Coming of Age Day

Wheee! It's that time of the year again: Coming of Age Day, otherwise known as 'Seijin no Hi', where everyone who turned 20 in the past year is declared officially an adult. I talked about this last year as well, and I'm happy to see the new colours and motifs for this year! Even the guys dressed up in formalwear! It looks like pale aqua tones, black, red, shades of pink, and royal blues are 'in' now, for those who can still afford them. Financial times are hard on everyone this year, especially those who were hardest-hit by the disaster last year. It may take decades for Japan to fully recover, economically.

This year, according to Japanese news sources, it's a toned-down event in remembrance of the March 11th earthquakes of last year. Many lost friends and relatives who would have been able to join in the festivities today. Many others who usually ventured to major shrines have since been relocated to other parts of Japan. Even so, it was a day of celebration for those who are newly beginning their lives as full members of society!

Here is one blog from a woman named Mano Erina, translated into English. If you'd like to see plenty of photos of celebration events in Yokohama, I suggest you check out this page. Want a sneak preview?

Seijin no Hi, Yokohama - (c) Alfie Goodrich, 2012

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