Bebe Taian: Happy Birthday!

February 6, 2012

Happy Birthday!

I've been hearing it all morning. ^_^ It isn't unpleasant. Just a reminder that I'm another year older. Not sure how I feel. I feel like I'm finally matching the approximate age I was in my head... fifteen years ago. But I've advanced since then. Not that my body matches what I think it is in my head to begin with, but at least the age is catching up. And today, I'm taking time to relax and do... virtually nothing.

Normally, I'd post a Mannered Mondays article, but I think I have three to edit and post. The difficulty I'm encountering with them is that I don't simply want to "Open Book"-model things; I want to paraphrase or expand certain things, talk about examples, etc. that one source alone doesn't always do. The thing is, my writing skills... are less than awesome. And I don't want to mess things up and misrepresent something, since I'm not an actual resident of Japan and didn't grow up there. It's taking me a lot longer to write about some articles than I anticipated, so I think I've decided to do them twice a month instead of every week. That will still give me... the three I completed, the three I'm behind, and 23 more articles. At least that will still give me time to write about something else!

Finances have been tight, but DH has gotten me an awesome birthday present. Besides things like making me tea and getting me chocolate cupcakes with strawberries this morning, he's buying me a gorgeous obi. My favourite pattern: asa no ha!

If the measurements are correct, it's about 14 feet long (432cm) and just over 10 inches wide (26.5cm). It's listed as a girls' obi, as if it were for children, but for how wide it is, I think it may be a hanhaba obi for women. It's a bright, theatrical piece, reminiscent of Junichi Nakahara's work. In fact...

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