Bebe Taian: I bought hooks!

February 15, 2012

I bought hooks!

So, the long story short, is that I'm selling off a tonne of kimono due to economic reasons. This means that the normally-priced items at BebeTaian are going at LEAST half-off. Now is the time, if you want something awesome for cheap!

- Reclaimed vintage kimono silk in burgundy for crafts
- Red vintage bingata furoshiki
- Bolt of stiff silver fabric for tsuke obi
- Round-braided flamingo pink obijime cord
- Pre-WW2 synthetic komon
- Dusty pink awase iromuji kimono
- Taisho striped kimono in modern colours
- Three obijime, in green, pink, and blue
- Round-braided red obijime cord
- Purple silk juban, perfect for fabric

I bought extra-strength hooks to hang my kimono rod up on the wall (no holes in the walls here, even for relatively permanent fixtures. -_-) , so I should be taking more photos of awesome kimono stuff this week! I just need to rearrange the room to get the most light out of a dark apartment. We're away from the sun, so getting adequate pictures of large items has proven to be difficult at best.

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