Bebe Taian: Kinyoubi Kimono Challenge 2

February 3, 2012

Kinyoubi Kimono Challenge 2

Previously, "How did you discover and get into kimono?"

2. Your dearest kimono item(s):

This was the first kimono my husband bought for me. Technically, we bought it before we had the marriage paperwork, largely because I object to a legal system that tells me that I have to be tied to one person forever, and that I can only be with one person, or else I'm a 'bad' person. ::raises eyebrow at Puritanical, Christian-based legal system:: Needless to say, we considered ourselves to be partners long before Florida decided that we were.

Appropriately, the first purchase was a tomesode covered in open fans. It is Taisho-era, as evidenced by the longer sleeves and red lining. I purchased it from Ichiroya, along with a red silk juban with a REAL kinran eri. It was quite expensive, but it is very much in mint condition. I suppose the person who owned it had few formal opportunities to attend. I can understand. :P

We also purchased a Meiji-era maru obi, tan with birds, pine needles, and seigaiha wave patterns. Maru obi would have been worn with this type of kimono, so it made sense. Pine needles are a romantic symbol in weddings; when pine needles fall, they fall together. Birds and waves are about us; one of us, an Air sign, the other, Water, in Western astrology. I don't think I've ever seen an obi with horses and rabbits on it. ^_~ Of course, I later acquired a white and gold shouchikubai obiage, and a pale blue obijime to match the wave pattern. Now, I need shoes. I had a vintage pair of white and pale gold shoes, of the vinyl kind, but the plastic hanao broke while wearing them. Fortunately, I had a pair of flip-flop sandals in the car that day!

Another kimono is one that was purchased for my birthday. I wrote a little about this one here, while talking about the pros and cons of buying straight from Japan online. It appeared blue in the sellers' photos, but was actually royal purple! Which was perfect, because what I'd really wanted to begin with was a purple and red kimono. I later got the perfect obi for February, when my birthday is. <3 This year, I might wear something different, though... I am still deciding.

Next time: My most used kimono items (not including juban, datejime, erishin, etc.)

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